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    I love garage sales and I love how early they are starting this year with the awesome weather. I am one who could totally eat tacos 7 days a week. I really don’t think I’d ever get sick of them. It would make for a more boring blog though.

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    napsal:No téda, takových dobrých komentářů! VÅ¡em dÄ›kuji za účast a inspiraci. Že byl Wabi Ryvola dÄ›vkaÅ™ to jsem z jeho písní fakt nevytuÅ¡ila )))))))))) No aspoň si užil, než umÅ™el. Ale toho stresu z toho vÅ¡eho…

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    Funny — I had to do twelve loads of wash because I was convinced that ninjas, pirates or killer space robots were using it for camouflage.Of course, it could have been a zombie hiding in there, given the smell…

  • Constance 8 Enero, 2017 at 6:27 am

    This does look prngmsioi. I’ll keep coming back for more.


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